Luxury Oahu Home Inspection Service

If you’re thinking of buying, selling or otherwise transferring property on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, you’ll need an Oahu home inspection service that you can depend on to give you a clear picture of any potential problems -- or selling points -- that could affect your real estate transaction. And as the island with the most diverse building features out of any of the islands in Hawaii, Oahu isn’t the easiest place to find an inspection service qualified to take on all the kinds of buildings common on the Gathering Isle.

You could be looking at a brand-new condo high rise, all steel and glass, in the Ala Moana area; you could be considering a townhouse in an Ewa subdivision; you might want a more traditional island home near the North Shore; or you could be looking to buy a graceful, century-old single-family home in quiet Manoa. Regardless, Inspect Hawaii has the expertise to make sure you know what is going on inside (and under, behind and on top of) every kind of property you might be hoping to buy or sell.

If you choose Inspect Hawaii as your Oahu home inspection service, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the benefits of all the latest technology, including thermal imaging (which can reveal issues such as water damage and electrical problems) and aerial photography (allowing you to know exactly what’s going on with the roof of a home without ever stepping foot onto it). But you’ll also benefit from the meticulous attention to detail that can only come from experienced professionals who know exactly what to look for. And, of course, you can be confident you’ll get courteous customer service in all your interactions with us. Oahu may be Hawaii’s most populous island, but we all know how tightly knit this community can be. That’s why we’re committed to inspecting your home as if it were our own.