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Appliance Cleaning Guide

When it comes to cleaning our properties, most of us will concentrate on dusting shelves, vacuuming the carpets and disinfecting the sinks, but we often forget about the appliances we use every day. Making sure appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and stove tops stay clean does more than keep your home looking its best.

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Asbestos Abatement Guide


Are They All Created Equal? Finding the Right Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project

First off, kudos to you for making the decision to go with a professional contractor. Many DIY projects go astray when the homeowner gets in over their head, and as any DIY pro will tell you, you’ve got to be able to recognize when your skills just aren’t up to the task. Whether you just

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What is a home inspection?

Home inspections involve a visual inspection of the systems and physical structure of a residence and cover the major elements of the home. A home is an investment, thus the buyer wishes to ensure they are paying a fair price for the structure. In addition, the inspection may be used by the seller to determine

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Why a Home Inspection is Crucial Before a Purchase

People looking to purchase a home need to ensure they request a home inspection before the purchase is complete. In addition, many lenders now require this type of inspection before they will finalize the mortgage. When a purchase agreement or contract has been signed, the inspector comes in to do the assessment, and the buyer

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The Benefits Of Infrared Technology

Certain home inspectors make use of infrared thermography technology as part of the inspection process. An infrared imaging camera sees and measures invisible heat energy in different parts of the home. With the help of these images, homeowners learn about problems that may not be visible to the human eye during a standard inspection. For

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Why Call in a Professional?

Most homeowners lack the knowledge and expertise required to properly inspect the home. A professional inspector understands the various parts of home construction, home safety, and the correct installation and maintenance of various systems. These systems need to work together, and the home inspector understands how they do, why this is of importance, and why

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Items Examined During a Home Inspection

Windows and doors Interior electrical and plumbing systems The roof, attic, crawl space, and any insulation that is visible Ceilings, walls, and floors The basement, foundation, and structural components Central air conditioning Heating Kitchen area and appliances Garage Items specifically requested by the client, although an extra fee may be charged

Don’t Sign That Mortgage Yet! Here Are 3 Reasons You Need a Home Inspector First

It may seem like a no-brainer to get a home inspection before you buy a house, but not everyone thinks they’re a necessity. A recent survey found that just 77% of home buyers had an inspection before making their purchase. While that is still a majority of buyers, that still leaves nearly a quarter of

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Ask These 5 Questions or Risk an Inferior Home Inspection

Home inspections are a standard part of real estate transactions. Almost all Realtors (99%) recommend that buyers get a home inspection, and surveys show that the majority of buyers (77%) actually do so prior to purchasing. These inspections may run between $200 and $500 — depending on the home inspector, the type of home, its

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