Don’t Sign That Mortgage Yet! Here Are 3 Reasons You Need a Home Inspector First

It may seem like a no-brainer to get a home inspection before you buy a house, but not everyone thinks they’re a necessity. A recent survey found that just 77% of home buyers had an inspection before making their purchase. While that is still a majority of buyers, that still leaves nearly a quarter of future homeowners skipping out on an important service to protect them as they make what may be the biggest purchase of their lives!

If you are one of those buyers who thinks a home inspection is unnecessary, think again! An inspection can save you money further down the road and may even prevent you from making a huge mistake. So why do you need to hire a home inspection service before you sign that mortgage paperwork? Here are three reasons why home inspectors are absolutely crucial when buying a house:

home inspector

  1. They cost less and are worth more than you think. Depending upon the size, age, and type of home and the home inspector you choose, a typical inspection will only cost between $200 and $500. While that may sound like just another cost to add to the home buying process, it can actually provide peace of mind for some buyers and give others the chance to save money later on. In some cases, home buyers can ask the sellers to foot the bill if any major problems are uncovered, and it also gives buyers a chance to duck out of a sale if the home repairs are more trouble than they’re worth. And this isn’t something that most home buyers regret — in fact, 97% surveyed said that their home inspection was a good value for what they got out of it.
  2. They uncover major and minor problems. Around 36% of inspectors find issues such as improper grounding or drainage in a house, making these the most common issues. While some of these things can be fixed easily, others can be fairly costly. About 20% of inspectors discover that a house has improper or undersized electrical wiring, which can mean rewiring a whole house if there are serious code violations. Another 9% of inspectors discover old or damaged roofs, and depending on the severity of the problem, that could be a cheap fix or a major investment for a new homeowner.
  3. They’re a good preview of future home repairs. One national survey revealed that about 79% of home buyers attended their home inspection and participated in it. Even if no issues come up that would make a buyer cancel the sale of a home, they may still discover some things that need repairing after they move into a home. A home inspector can also let them know the approximate dates of when they might need other repairs and replacements, like a new roof or furnace, if that information is available.

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